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Please direct calls for Staff to our Office on (04) 569 5161. 

List of 2021 Staff

Adrienne Preston      Housekeeping

Alice Kurcake             Kindergarten Kaiako

Amelia Minogue         Curriculum Leader, English, NZCSE

Ashley Gibbs              Literacy Leader, Class 1 Transition

Barry Pringle              Science

Bill Scott                     Drama, History 

Brian Paquin              Sports Coordinator 

Brett Whincup            Property Manager

Carolyn England        Counsellor

Chaucey Ellis             Payroll Officer

Chris Van Der Zee       Math, Orchestra

Claire Folster              Class 7

Clare Goodman          Resource Officer

Dorothea Pienaar       Music & Therapy 

Eileen Watson            Kindergarten Learning Assistant

Emily Blyth                 Learning support Kaiako, SENCO

Fabiana Tato              Kindergarten Kaiako-Kowhai

Fiona Rawdon            Learning Support Assistant

Gabrielle Edmonds    Visual Arts

Geoff Heath                Commitments Leader, Music, Class 5

Gita Pillai​​​​​​​                NZCSE Support, Timetable Administration

Grant Rossiter            Deputy Principal, Math, Science, EOTC, US Coordination

Hana Olds Kindergarten Learning Assistant

Irene Cheung             Assistant Principal, Math, Kapahaka, LS Coordination

Irja Haefliger              Pedagogy Leader, German, International Students     

Jillian O’Connor   Learning Support Assistant           

Julia Sherriff               Kindergarten Kaiako-Pohutukawa

Katie Brackenridge    Handwork, Literacy, Festivals Leader

Katie Rustleland        Class 8, English, PE, Outdoor Classroom, Digital Technology

Katie Musk                  Executive Officer

Kathy Mathews          Kindergarten Learning Assistant

Karen Gault                Te Reo

Karyn Gray                 Principal, Lifeskills, Digital Technology

Laura Lopez                Kindergarten Kaiako-Pohutuawa

Line Schlebusch        Learning Support Assistant

Lori Micu                     Learning Support Assistant

Louise Galpin             Class 4

Lyn Vigrass                Librarian

Maia Freeman             English

Marcelly Ribeiro         Receptionist

Mario Gude                 Pastoral Leader, Woodwork, PE

Megan Grant               English, Life Skills

Merlin Fuhrhop        Mathematics, Gateway Coordinator

Nina Gude                   Eurythmy​​​​​​​

Patrick McKinley        Science

Purdy​​​​​​​ Biddle              Numeracy Leader, Class 1

Ray Shore                   Current Events, Storytelling, Festivals Leader

Ruzia Ataria                Class 2

Sarah Daly                  Science, Biology, Enrichment

Sarah Grandison        Handwork​​​​​​​, Festivals Leader, Careers

Saskia Knibbeler Learning Support Assistant

Simon Burrows          Learning Support Assistant

Simon Hurley Property Assistant

Sharon Patete ​​​​​​​         Learning Support Assistant

Sue Pegler                  Eurythmy ​​​​​​​

Tanya Zanetti             Class 3​​​​​​​

Tegan Anderson        Class 6

Tim Angus                  Mathematics​​​​​​​ 

Tracey Williamson     Kindergarten Learning Assistant

Trudi Orme                 Kindergarten Kaiako-Rimu

Vanya Howell-Kress  Music

Yuko Oshika               Japanese ​​​​​​​ 


PrincipalKaryn Gray
Deputy Principal / Upper School CoordinatorGrant Rossiter
Assistant Principal/Lower School Coordinator Irene Cheung

Early Childhood/Kindergarten
Kindergartner (Rimu) R1Trudi Orme
Kindergartner (Pohutakawa) P2Julia Sherriff/Laura Lopez
Kindergartner (Kowhai) K3Fabiana Tato-Ermenyi
Kindergarten CoverAlice Kurucake
Learning AssistantEileen Watson  
Learning AssistantKathy Mathews
Learning AssistantTracey Williamson
Learning AssistantHana Olds
Lower School – Classes 1-7 Kaiako
Class 1 Purdy Biddle/Ashley Gibbs
Class 2Ruzia Ataria
Class 3Tanya Zanetti
Class 4Louise Galpin
Class 5Geoff Heath
Class 6Tegan Anderson
Class 7Claire Forster
EurythmyNina Gude
HandworkKatie Brakenridge
MusicDorothea Pienaar
Story TellingRay Shore
Woodwork Mario Gude
Learning SupportEmily Blyth
Te ReoKaren Gault
Upper School Class Kaiarataki
Class 8Katie Rustleund and Barry Pringle
Class 9Gabrielle Edmonds and Sarah Daly
Class 10Maia Freeman and Bill Scott
Class 11Amelia Minogue and Irja Haefliger
Class 12Megan Grant and Tim Angus
Upper School Subject Kaiako
ArtGabrielle Edmonds
DramaBill Scott
EnglishAmelia Minogue, Megan Grant, Maia Freeman
GermanIrja Haefliger
HandworkSarah Grandison
Japanese Yuko Oshika
MathTim Angus, Chris Van Der Zee, Grant Rossiter, Irene Cheung
MusicVanya, Chris Van Der Zee
PEKatie Rustleland, Mario Gude
ScienceSarah Daly, Barry Pringle, Patrick McKinley
TransitionKatie Rustleund
WoodworkMario Gude
School Learning Support Assistants
Fiona Rawdon
Jillian O’Connor
Line Schlebusch-Bruemmer
Lori Micu
Saskia Knibbeler
Simon Burrows
Sharon Patete 

 Administration and Support Staff

 Administration & Support StaffStaff
Executive OfficerKatie Musk
ReceptionistMarcelly Ribeiro
Resource Officer Clare Goodman
Payroll OfficerChaucey Ellis
Property Co-ordinatorBrett Whincup
Sports CoordinatorBrian Paquin
LibraryLyn Vigrass
Property AssistantSimon Hurley

Rudolf Steiner School Trust Staff

 Rudolf Steiner School Trust (RSST)Staff
Proprietors’ Property Manager and TreasurerChris Rae

Becoming a Steiner Teacher

We believe that teaching is an Art form that elevates our vocation into something very meaningful.


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