The College of Teachers carries responsibility for special character leadership at Raphael House. Its task is to maintain and develop the anthroposophical understanding of the human being and knowledge of the Waldorf curriculum. According to the Integration Deed: “The College works collegially and in a spiritual way,  shares responsibility for maintaining special character and the anthroposophical impulse which is inherent in all aspects of the school” .

As a non-hierarchical teacher-led body, the College operates within an active self-review framework and holds mandated responsibility for: adult education, festivals, learning support and aspects of pedagogical and professional development.

The College supports the Coordinating Group who conduct the day to day business of the School’s running and make final management decisions, after consultation with relevant stakeholders.  It also acts as a sensing organ of the school. The Principal is a member of the College and provides an active link to the parent community and Board of Trustees for this group. Staff from the Kindergarten, the Lower School, Upper School and Administration are all represented at College level. Membership on the College of Teachers is entirely voluntary and open to those who wish to deepen their work with the spiritual principles behind Waldorf education.

Embedded within each meeting is a means to connect to the spiritual direction of Raphael House through open space meditation, study and contemplation. Collegial sharing is an essential aspect of the work centred on the strong endeavour to engage as a community with the health and wellbeing of the student body, staff and parents. The College brings an openness to investigate and develop social cohesion and co-operation between various school groups, to sustain a healthy climate for student achievement to flourish, to endorse individual and larger initiatives and model professional integrity and ethical behaviour in a school setting; all the while guarding this holistic Steiner education which fosters the integration of intellectual, emotional and will activity at its core.

The College of Teachers meet every Wednesday at 3.30pm – 6.00pm and can be contacted on:

May my good will join with the good will of others,

In strengthening the heart of Raphael House,

To act in the light of its true purpose