Equity at Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School

Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School has a strong commitment to living the Treaty of Waitangi and ensuring this is reflected throughout the fabric of the school. The school and teachers strive to ensure a culturally located Waldorf curriculum that reflects all of our diversity. Emphasis is also placed on meeting the needs of all children irrespective of religion, creed, culture or physicality.

At Raphael House we believe it is our on-going duty of care to continually reflect and learn. We are committed to taking actions to ensure that what we do in our teaching and relationships with the school community reflects our Waldorf education principles and our commitment to equity and the Treaty of Waitangi. The specific actions taken each year to grow and strengthen this are located within the school’s Charter and annual planning.

Raphael House endorses and upholds the New Zealand Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools Equity Statement:

“Steiner/Waldorf schools are responsive to the wider cultural, social and political contexts in which they are located in Aotearoa New Zealand in the 21st century. Our schools embrace and honour Aotearoa New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage and consider all human beings to be free and equal in dignity and rights.

The Steiner Federation acknowledges Rudolf Steiner’s work. The Steiner school movement in Aotearoa New Zealand works out of an approach of equity and rejects strongly any historical statements from which inferences of racial prejudice may be made. Steiner/Waldorf schools and teacher training centres are culturally safe havens for all.”

The Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools in New Zealand’s Curriculum Guidelines state that, “the principles that are fundamental to Steiner/Waldorf education are that it is accessible to, and able to be adapted to, the needs of different ethnicities, cultures and religions. Curriculum content allows for the exploration of a wide variety of cultural traditions and world views. Steiner/Waldorf schools in Aotearoa New Zealand strive to imbue their curricula with the unique spirit and history of this land and its peoples.