Versatile and creative thinking comes into being when the intellect is stimulated and we step outside our comfort zone in a way that can guide our inner selves to inspiration. Learning new skills, researching a wide variety of topics and encountering unexpected challenges helps our horizons to expand and our imagination to soar.  

Although the displays are packed away and the event is done and dusted for another year, the experience of this challenge and the memory of each individual triumph, however, will live on in the hearts and minds of our students, teachers and whānau for a long time to come.

The Class 12 projects are a genuine preparation for life and have several major components: the practical exploration of a topic, the theoretical research and written thesis, plus crucial visual and spoken presentation skills; all of which demand intellectual rigour and hours of dedication to a single theme. This year these passion projects included house building, creating and marketing a clothing line, teaching parkour, exploring the joy of dance, producing and illustrating a book, living as a vegan, volunteering overseas, restoring a car, high performance sport, cabin building, stretching and contortion, wilderness survival, recreating a French café, body building, sailing, film making, learning sign language, Outward Bound as self-exploration, art and dance, the healing power of Eurythmy, and several exceptional musical enterprises. A total of 24 students represented an array of pioneering ventures and defining experiences.

Our Class 12 students showcased their array of talent, capability, determination and resilience when they presented their work to their audience at the Little Theatre in Lower Hutt.  Not only did they clearly articulate their intellectual journey but also the bond that they established with project supervisors, whānau and friends; growing precious memories and building on the best in themselves.  Our Class 12 students all foster a sense of belonging to the wider world but they also acknowledged the challenges we face as individual and as communities. This heart quality and these ideals are undoubtedly needed in our world today, probably more than ever before. Thank you Class 12!  It was a real privilege to learn about your journey as courageous young people ready to step out into the world.