Class 8 

In class 8 they bring all their wonderful creative hand skills from the lower school to Flax weaving, loom weaving and machine sewing.  By this stage the students are very keen to use the sewing machine and produce something a little more quickly, than hand sewing.  For a double spell for two terms they learn to cut and sew an apron, followed by PJ pants and some of the students continue onto a patchwork cushion.   The students are encouraged to work at their own pace  to gain solid skills in using the sewing machine, cutting and to know their way around the hand work room. For flax weaving they begin with learning about harvesting harakeke and making flowers of different designs.  The techniques they learn are applied to more complex designs as we progress through the term.  Matts, baskets, four plait handles and toys.  Loom weaving is for one term where they learn to weave cloth, understanding warp and weft threads creating a deep understanding of fabric.

Class 9 

This is a time for activity, as the last stages of physical changes are occurring for the students.  Activity through craft, receives direction and measure to help develop the will in a healthy way.  Students now use their skills with fabric to cut and sew a hoodie.

Class 10

This is the first year of Steiner School Certificate where students learn to manipulate and transform materials into aesthetically pleasing and practical crafted items.  They craft a 3D and flat felted item from unspun wool and a bag from recycled materials.

Class 11

This year the students may choose craft as an option where they learnBook binding which requires a delicate flair and great manual skill and dexterity, together with an artistic feeling and clear logical thinking, leather tooling and carving from natural tanned leather.  That leads onto screen printing where they learn techniques to screen print their design onto a t shirt.

Class 12 

For this final year students design, pattern make and produce an outfit with intention to wear to the ball.