“Music is the expression of the will of nature, while all other arts are expressions of the idea of nature.” Rudolf Steiner

It is no secret that science supports the idea that playing and listening to music aids brain development in a way that is unique, and cannot be replicated through any other means. Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School offers students compulsory music for every year level in the Upper School, as well as offering elective music for the students who choose to pursue music more intentionally.

Class Eight Music

In Class 8 students receive the opportunity to choose between exploring digital music, being in a band, or training to be in the school orchestra. Each student experiences what it means to play and create music with a group of peers. Students are at a sociable age and are encouraged to actively engage in creating with their classmates. Self-expression is fostered through allowing students the freedom to choose to engage with music they enjoy. In Class 8, routines begin to develop, and by the end of the year there is unity between the groups as they have learnt how to make progress as an ensemble.

Class Nine Music

In Class 9 this journey continues, and often the groups that were formed in Class 8 now begin to thrive. In Class 9 we can push a little more in the direction of specific goals. We begin to see musicians shine. The students experience the success of weekly practice and positive group dynamics. Students now begin to engage in music theory in a more meaningful way as they are experiencing more mastery over their instruments, i.e. connecting what they hear or play with what they read or write. Students in Class 9 often begin to become more passionate and involved in setting their own personal and group goals. The teaching approach is to both encourage and create an environment for allowing what already exists to flourish.

Class Ten Music

In Class 10, NZCSE begins to take precedence and students begin to use their skill set to meet criteria. Students who pursue music outside of school and take itinerant lessons are given the opportunity to work alongside the teacher to choose their personal skill development goals. Students are also given performance opportunities throughout the year, to enrich the school festivals as well as collect naturally occurring evidence towards their school points. All students participate in a class choir, and learn the basics of singing techniques. This is the first step towards a singing solos in Class 12.

Class Eleven Music

In Class 11, all students broaden their musical knowledge and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of music as an expressive art. As always, freedom and creativity is encouraged and as a result often unique and outstanding work is the end result. Students continue singing, often in small groups at this year level. Elective music students continue to expand their music theory knowledge, but are also granted time on their instruments to practice and compose. We have been fortunate to see some exceptional musicians come through this school, who relish the opportunity to use their time at home and at school to excel to extremely high standards and pursue professional careers in music.

Class Twelve Music

In Class 12 all students are presented with the opportunity to perform for whanau as a choir, and additionally sing a solo. This is the final step in a transformative process that was first started in Class 10. It is often an incredible evening and certainly a unique, memorable experience. These performances provide equal opportunity to celebrate both the students musical abilities, and their development into becoming a brave young adult. Students in elective music often become a tightly knit group who are there because they are passionate and hard working. Students begin to transcend, as they take their learning even more into their own hands. There is opportunity for self-directed learning, which is a great segue into the possibilities of post secondary education. Students who end up in this class often have an unmatched drive for progress and are passionate about self-expression.

School-wide Instrumental Music Tuition and the teachers available:

Our Instrumental Music Programme fosters individual and group lessons in Strings, Wind, Singing, Piano, and Guitar from our team of enthusiastic and experienced tutors. For further information please contact Emerald Clark, Head of Music emerald.c@raphaelhouse.school.nz