Leadership – is encouraged in class 11 and 12 with activities such as the talent show and ball, charity events for the Upper School and festival and cultural activities that call upon the older students to serve the Lower school classes. This includes such duties as storytelling organising parts of the Toy, Craft and Fair day and leading the new class one into the upper school. Class 12 can also participate in the Halogen Leadership day where several of New Zealand’s top professionals talk to Secondary school students.

Civil Defence Emergency Response Team – is a small group of highly trained and equipped students and staff who meet each week to practice emergency rescue procedure. They complete this training and participate in the Secondary Schools Emergency Response Team Competition each year.

Spirit of Adventure – is open to 15 year old and up wards whom wish to experience the challenge and team work required to sail a tall ship in the oceans around New Zealand.

Student Council – holds elections each year for a minimum of two representatives’ from each Upper School class. This group of individuals adds to the culture of the school with organising additional activities such as charity events, games days, lunch time activities, interesting assemblies and requests changes to the rules or feeds back to staff additional requirements. Extra external training with World Vision or Awakening the Dreamer has been of great benefit to the students whom participated.

Board of Trustees – holds elections each year for a student representative from class 10, 11 or 12. This student attends Board meetings each month to provide representation of the student opinion during the decision making process of the Governance group.

Learning to Be From childhood towards adulthood

The Grand Finale of the year 9’s program is the Threshold Camp. It is a 7-day rite of passage camp mark­ing the end of childhood and looking ahead to the future. “Learning to be” your authentic self by honouring and leaving the Old behind and em­bracing of the New becoming young adult. The camp worked on many levels. There were tough physical challenges while the imagination was activated through use of sto­ries and artistic exercises deep in the New Zealand bush.

Learning to Do Practical skills outside

The experiences supporting diverse sensory development were noted in classrooms across the school. In addition, the digital media world that many students live in outside of school is perceived by the staff to be a one sided focus and aspects of the developing child’s senses were not being well nurtured. What was to be done? “Learning to Do” – Blacksmithing and Civil Defence preparedness training have been added to the curriculum with an enthusiastic uptake and a great response from our wider community.

Learning to Know Improvements for cyclists

The Class 12 Project at Raphael House is about researching a personal interest, and experiencing self-empowerment and growth in the process. It is an opportunity for the students’ to choose a topic and immerse themselves in it for a whole year. This is undertaken at a Level 4 university standard.

Jonas Frotchel’s project demonstrated the high quality of cycling on offer in New Zealand to cycling enthusiasts across the world. His survey of over 400 cyclists was developed into a research article for the road safety council.

Learning to Live Together by moving together

Eurythmy is an art of movement that engages the whole human being, integrating bodily movement with movements that arise within the soul, thus creating a harmonious relationship. It is most useful in our school when the whole class puts on a performance and during this time have to “learn to live together”.

This year a group of students went to Germany to perform and participated with 20 other nationalities to produce a 2 hour performance to Beethoven’s 5th symphony played by the Russian Youth Orchestra.