Notes regarding payments and donations to Raphael House

Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School Board of Trustees “Board” (an educational crown entity) is a separate legal entity from the Rudolf Steiner School Trust (Wgtn) “Proprietor” (a Charitable Trust) so funds must be kept separate.  Funds must be paid to the nominated bank accounts.

We request the following donations to ensure children receive all the learning resources necessary to provide them with a full Steiner Waldorf education that is the basis of our Special Character at Raphael House:

Board Donation:  This helps fund the Steiner Waldorf education in excess of the standard funded by the Government.  This donation request includes funding for additional teachers, camps, trips and drama costs, stationery, materials for art, handwork, woodwork, eurythmy, and music, and therefore varies by Class level.

Camp Donation: We will not ask parents to pledge a camp donation amount, rather we will ask
for this donation when we send out the information about the camp.

Proprietor Donation:  Funds non-classroom special character costs (including the NZ Certificate of Steiner Education) and non-integrated property costs.  The Government does not permit these costs to be funded by Attendance Dues.

Scholarship Donation:  Additional donation in excess of specific requests to assist those families in financial hardship who are unable to afford the full level of compulsory fees.

Fees for 2020

Proprietor Attendance Dues/Kindergarten Fees – per child; compulsory$1,265.00

 Donations for 2020

Board Donation RequestsFor those in Kindergarten to Class 2 – per child$1,640.00
 For those in Classes 3 to 7 inclusive – per child$1,820.00
 For those in Classes 8 to 12 inclusive – per child$1,980.00
Camp DonationClass 3 – Class 12 – per child$300.00
Proprietor Donation RequestsProprietor Donation Request – per child$370.00
 Scholarship Donation Request – any support is gratefully received 

Donation Pledge Information

The Donation Pledge Form includes the request for donations from both the Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School Board of Trustees (Board) and the Rudolf Steiner School Trust (Proprietor).  Donations and fees may increase each year by 2.5% + the CPI for the previous year.

Please Note:  This Pledge form is not applicable for Attendance Dues or Kindergarten Fees, which are both compulsory.

Please complete the 2019 Donations Pledge Form by entering the amount you wish to pledge for each donation request and return in the enclosed Reply Paid envelope – before Friday 15th February 2019.

If you have any questions regarding Donations, Attendance Dues or Kindergarten Fees, please contact:

Chaucey Ellis – Board of Trustees:    
Lesley Waite – Proprietor Trust: