Drama in the Upper School is a journey of refinement, where students are free to experiment and grow in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Class Ten Drama is focused on the Class Ten Play, where the students work on creating their own production for the community. This is an intense and rewarding process. The students exercise their will and make something wonderful, from nothing but words on paper.

Classes Eleven and Twelve deal with the concepts of Analysis and Synthesis. Students are asked to think about the meaning of performance, what they want to express, and the purposes of their actions cumulating in a final solo performance in Class Twelve Elective Drama. They pick apart the threads of Drama and remake them into their own work. In 2023 there is no elective drama.

Before our students leave Class Twelve, they will produce a final performance. This Class Twelve Play is a mature and sophisticated piece, that relies on our students’ creativity and work ethic. This is the ultimate use of the head, heart, and hands approach. They must think, feel, and create.