Learning Themes


Our aim is to nourish their senses and protect the wonder and beauty of childhood.

Lower School Themes

During this time, emphasis is given to fostering a real sense of and connection to the beauty of the world.

Upper School Themes

Leading through the specific nature of the curriculum, to the understanding that “the world is true.


Right through their time at school, students at Raphael House participate in a graduated and rich curriculum of outdoor education.


From the earliest days at Raphael House Festivals have been a strong feature of the schools character and an integral part of ‘classroom life’.

Waldorf School Curriculum Chart

Our Library

Our school library is a well-resourced, warm and welcoming place and is open to all children, staff and parents. We have an extensive and trustworthy range of culturally diverse, contemporary and classic fiction for all ages and many attractive books to encourage learning readers.

Our large non-fiction collection supports our curriculum subjects and fosters curiosity about our world. The arts, sciences and humanities are all well represented and cater for all ages.

We have a separate staff library for teaching resources, a community library with books on parenting and child development and collections of specialist books in our upper school departments.

Check out our Raphael House Books website for those wanting help choosing books for their children to read or further reading for themselves. http://raphaelhousebooks.weebly.com/