The Foundation Years

The Kindergarten at Raphael House stands at the gateway to our hillside site, in the original parent built building. We have three groups of children led by experienced teachers who have trained both in the state and Steiner sectors. Each group holds children between 4 to 6 years of age. In a homelike atmosphere, where food is prepared by all who wish to take part.The care of the classroom is the joint responsibility of child; parent and teacher. The children thrive on a daily rhythm of activity. Each teacher has an assistant, often someone in teacher training. These two adults work in close harmony and together strive to be vital and worthy role models for the children. This is especially important at this time when, children learn so deeply out of imitation.

At a Rudolf Steiner kindergarten, the curriculum is play based. The kindergarten rooms are very beautiful. The materials and toys that are available are all natural -and of an open ended nature. This means that everything may be used for imaginative play. Imaginative play, is the pre-curser for cognitive learning, which ideally begins in the child’s seventh year [class one].

A lovely bush environment surrounds our Kindergarten at Raphael House. The children are able to observe native birds, the growing of vegetables and flowers and the process of composting. We have pets to care for and are lucky to have a school site that allows us to take walks through natural bush within the school grounds.

Every care and wish of our staff is to prepare both our parent body and their children for the journey that lies ahead.

Most children spend two years in the kindergarten at Raphael House,  During this time our aim is to nourish their senses and protect the wonder and beauty of childhood.


Children are warmly welcomed into the stable, secure and aesthetically pleasing learning environment. Children settle quickly and become engaged in activities of their choosing. Use of natural materials is a feature. Transition between free-play and group activities are signaled through the teachers’ use of song and rhyme. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their environment. They are friendly, co-operative and interact well with each other.

Kindergarten Philosophy Statement

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Kindergarten Policies

Curriculum Activities

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