Class 1 – 6 Lower School Music Programme

Each of our classroom teachers integrate music into their classroom programme with group music making through a variety of settings. Music is integral to our Festivals and community building.

The Class 3 Strings programme lead by Alison Eldridge and Geoff Heath has flourished in the last year. As the programme continues to grow, Cello is now being integrated towards building a Lower School orchestra.

In Term 2 Lower School run a music afternoon on Fridays with a variety of group music making opportunities for students in guitar, ukulele, singing and wind instruments.

Class 7 Music

For the first part of the year class 7 integrate into whole class music in the Upper School, building on their singing and ukulele skills. Mid-Winter Festival saw the first student led drumming troop performing at the Matariki Evening, accompanying the fire poi in an elegant display. Term 3 has seen the beginning of our Junior Rock Band, exploring a range of material towards their first performance.