Versatile and creative thinking comes into being when the intellect is stimulated and we step outside our comfort zone in a way that can guide our inner selves to inspiration.  Learning new skills, researching a wide variety of topics and encountering unexpected challenges helps our horizons to expand and our imagination to soar.

The Class 12 Projects are a genuine preparation for life, with several major components: the practical exploration of a topic, the theoretical research and written thesis, plus crucial visual and spoken presentation skills; all of which demand intellectual rigor and hours of dedication.  This journey is supported by the Class 12 sponsors, project supervisors, project experts, whānau and friends. 

 Some projects are more practical in nature, such as constructing a specialised vehicle or a musical instrument, learning a new form of dance or martial art, or exploring an alternative lifestyle.  Craft focused projects could be learning about cuisine, sculpture, fashion, or film.  Students might also look at more academic topics, such as coding and entrepreneurship; they might study a new language or scientific theory.  The opportunities are endless. 

The Class 12 students showcase their array of talent, capability, determination and resilience when they present their work to an audience.  They share their journey visually through displays, and verbally in the shape of a formal speech.  It is a journey through which the Class 12 students foster a sense of belonging to the wider world.

Even though the displays are packed away, and the event is done and dusted for another year, the experience of this challenge and memory of each individual triumph lives on in the hearts and minds of the students, teachers and whānau for a long time to come.