“Each language penetrates us differently and reveals human nature in a different way, which is why we must complement the effect of the mother tongue with other languages”

R. Steiner, Lecture 11, Ilkley 1923

In the Upper School, students study Te Reo Maori and Japanese or German

Te Reo Maori is studied in Class 8 and 9. Students build on the language and cultural knowledge they acquired in the Lower School.  

After a taster in Class 7, students also choose to continue learning either Japanese or German in Class 8. They continue to build on their language and cultural skills until the end of class 10/NZCSE Level 1.

In Class 11 and 12, Japanese and German are elective options.  

Language learning at Raphael House focusses on developing communication skills, language and cultural knowledge. By learning a new language, students learn to communicate with people from other cultures and expand their own personal world, opening up a whole range of new possibilities. 

For students in Class 10, we offer (borders dependent) exchanges to Japan, Austria and Germany. Students can apply to go on an exchange to one of our partner schools depending on their language option.  

Ko tōu reo, ko tōku reo, 
te tuakiri tangata. 
Tīhei uriuri, tīhei nakonako 

Your voice and my voice 

are expressions of our identity.  

May our descendants live on and our hopes be fulfilled