Not yet! Not Yet! Hold on to the heat of summer! of March, we will gather for our Harvest Festival.

As I age, I become more resistant to the advent of autumn – the shortening days, the loss of warmth and no more swims in the sea – but the cycle of seasons proceeds at its ordained place.

In the round of the seasons, our school community celebrates the four corners of the year and the Arch-angelic Beings which hold sway in Nature’s waxing and waning.

Outwardly, autumn is the time of the harvest when the bounty of the earth is given to us and we human beings raise our hearts in gratitude for Nature’s plenty.

Our technology and transport may offer us food in plenty and variety the whole year round, but we do well to bear in mind our dependence on nature’s rhythms.

Inwardly, we celebrate autumn and then move toward mid winter. Rudolf Steiner tells of the call from the Arch-angel Michael to develop courage and consciousness to fight the dragons of fear and anxiety within and between us at this season.

Our children will play team games with challenges to meet them around our marvellous school grounds.

“When I conquer within me fear and wrath, Michael in heav’n casts the dragon forth”!