For International Foreign Fee Paying Students

A Waldorf student from any country who wishes to attend Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School can apply to attend as a Foreign fee paying student. Please check all the information on these pages and email International Co-ordinator at  for an application pack.

Foreign fee-paying students will be accepted for Years 9 -13 (ages 14 – 18). 

Foreign Fee Paying students are eligible to enrol for two terms (six months) or more. A shorter stay (minimum one term (3 months) is negotiable.

Raphael House provides students with a rich and full educational programme based on the Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf curriculum that is linked to the New Zealand National Curriculum.

We have an excellent pastoral care programme in place to support our students and are a signatory to the New Zealand Code of Practice for International Students.  For more information on the COP 2016, click here.

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Effective from 2019


1.        Administration Fee

Administration Fee                                                                               NZ$500.00  

   Non- Refundable – Includes GST

Pastoral Support Fee                                                                            NZ$200.00 (per term)

(Covers pastoral support as outlined                                                      Includes GST

in the COP for International Students 2016)

Rudolf Steiner Trust Fee                                                                        NZ$287.50 (per term)

                                                                                                           Includes GST

2.        Tuition Fees

Tuition fees                                                                                           NZ$400.00 per week (per School Term)

The length of school terms does vary but is                                             Includes GST

usually between 9 and 11 weeks.

Fees must be paid in FULL before the student is accepted.

3.        Additional Fees

Camp fees (if applicable)                                                                        NZ$350.00 per camp

     Non- Refundable – Includes GST

Incidentals                                                                                            NZ$560.00

(Covers unforeseen expenses e.g. medical)                                             Balance refundable if funds not used – Does not include GST

4.        Accommodation – Homestay Fee

Homestay Fee (includes 3 meals per day)                                                NZ$280.00 per week

Total amount paid in advance                                                              Excludes GST

Fee Protection Policy

The income derived from foreign fee paying students must be protected against the possibility of an interruption to the course. Internal procedures assist the school in monitoring income and expenditure to ensure that money is controlled appropriately.

iStudent Complaints is free and independent service established by the Ministry of Education to help international students resolve financial or contractual complaints with their education providers.

Financial and contractual disputes are complaints that involve the terms of your contract to study or complaints that involve money, such as refund requests.

Most complaints can be resolved directly with education providers, however iStudent Complaints is here to help if you cannot reach an agreement together.

For more information visit