Transport options to and from school

Our school has a variety of bus services, each one with its own setup.  At present there is an Upper Hutt bus service, a Lower Hutt / Petone / Wellington Bus service and a Kapiti bus service.  Please see links to the left for information on each of these bus services

Ministry of Education fact sheets on school transport

The Ministry of Education have a series of fact sheets about school transport assistance.  The ones that are the most relevant to us are Fact sheets 1, and 10.  See SchoolTransportFactsheets, but other fact sheets will be useful too. 

Note: that “nearest appropriate school” means “the nearest State Integrated School to the student’s home having the same special character with which the caregiver identifies”, so for any of you, Raphael House will be your nearest school, unless you happened to live closer to Te Ra School and your child is Lower School age.

Note also that it can take quite a while for an application to be processed.

School Transport Assistance

To find out if your child is eligible for any type of school transport assistance (conveyance subsidy, or a free seat on the Upper Hutt bus or the Kapiti bus), check the following criteria with local bus and train timetables.

A public transport service is deemed to be suitable if it meets all the following criteria:

Queensgate is 2.6km from the school gate, so if the closest that your transport option comes to school is Queensgate, then your child may be eligible.  Melling railway station is less than 2.4 km walk to school, so if your child could get to Melling station with one transport change, leaving home at 7am, then (regardless of age) your child is not considered eligible.

Some may find that while your child was not eligible while in the Lower School (8:55am start), they become eligible once in the Upper School (8:20am start).

The form to apply for school transport assistance is available by emailing a request to or pick up from the Office at school.  Once filled in, the form needs to be brought to school.  School administration are responsible for sending the completed forms to Multiserve, the agency which is contracted by the Ministry of Education to deal with School Transport Assistance.

Bus Passes

Bus Passes – Bus passes for the Wellington Bus service only are managed by David Holtslag.  Prices vary depending on where children are travelling from and how many children are in the family. 

Contact details for David are:  Phone:  021 569 900

Please ensure Bus Pass payments ONLY are paid to this account:
Westpac Bank: 03-0531-0379910-02
Reference Details: Child Name; BUS PASS; TERM #

Other Bus passes for the Upper Hutt and Kapiti routes are managed by Katie Musk in the lower Reception Office at the beginning of the drive: 

Bus Behaviour

The following behaviour is expected of students using buses to help make sure the bus is a safe place for everyone:

If you have any questions or need to report something, please email: