What is SCC?

SCC is the Special Character Contribution donation. It is paid to the Rudolf Steiner School Trust (Wgtn). The bank account is Westpac Lower Hutt 03-0531-0379910-003. Any payments made are currently eligible for a tax refund of 33%.

What is an SCC pledge?

Every year each family receives a letter and pledge form in October from the Trust. This lays out the requested Special Character donation for the following year. Each family indicates their level of giving. Some families pledge more than the request, some are unable to pledge the full amount. All families need to fill out and return these forms; the Trust bases its budgets on the projected income from SCC donations. The pledge is recorded and is part of the reporting process for parents.

Who do I talk to if I can’t manage my pledge?

The best person to contact is Lesley Waite, the Trust’s Treasurer. Lesley can be reached by phone on 576-2339 or email lesley.w@raphaelhouse.school.nz.  She can pass on any information to the Trust.

How do I claim my tax refund?

Tax receipts are generated annually in April and cover donations made from the 1st April in the previous year to the 31st March in the current year; the tax year.  Parents submit these to Inland Revenue (along with form IR526) after the 31st March. If you believe you are expecting a tax receipt and haven’t received one then please contact Kay Braid, Finance Officer, by phone 576-2335 or email her at accounts@raphaelhouse.school.nz.

What is the family number?

Each family is assigned a unique number when their first child starts at the Kindergarten or School. It stays the same throughout the family’s time with Raphael House. It can be found in the right hand column of the school address list in the Parent Handbook. Please remember to use your family number as a reference in any transactions. If we’re not sure what a payment is for we will know who to ask!

When do I get charged for SCC and Standard Disbursements?

As they are donations we do not invoice parents. We do supply statements and pledge records to reflect what has been promised by parents and what has been received by the School / Kindergarten / Trust.

Why are there so many bank accounts?

While we all think of Raphael House as one community, from a financial and auditing standpoint there are three entities. The Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School Board of Trustees (the Board) looks after the School (Classes 1 to 12) and receives funding from the Ministry of Education and the Standard Disbursement donations. The Proprietors are represented by the Rudolf Steiner School Trust (Wgtn) known as the Trust. The Trust is funded by the SCC donations and some Ministry of Education money. The Kindergarten is administered by the Trust as an Early Childhood Centre and receives funding from the Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood section and their Standard Disbursement donations. Each of these entities keep separate accounts so the money is not ‘mixed up’ between them. If you aren’t sure which bank account to use feel free to contact Kay Braid.

What does the Trust do?

The Rudolf Steiner School Trust (Wgtn) looks after the buildings and Special Character of Raphael House. The Trust provides the facilities to deliver a Waldorf education and support the Special Character of Raphael House. This is done in many ways including: building new classrooms, subsidising the cost of teaching staff, promoting Waldorf education, assisting in ensuring a supply of Steiner teachers in New Zealand.

What is the Board of Trustees for?

The Board of Trustees acts as the Ministry of Education’s ‘agent’. It is responsible for the employment of staff, overseeing the governance of the School and  ensuring that Raphael House is meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Education and parents.

What does State Integrated mean?

This means that we are a school with a special character (Waldorf Education) that gets funding from the Ministry of Education as well as our Proprietors. The Ministry provides money for teaching staff and the day to day running of the School; the Proprietors provide the buildings, the long term funding for the School and funding for specialist teachers.

Do I have to pay everything in one amount?

We are happy for payments to be made in weekly/fortnightly/monthly/termly amounts. As long as it’s legal tender we will accept it! It is helpful if you advise Kay what your plans are so we can work out cash flows. Cash and cheques can be taken to the Office at the bottom of the drive. We are unable (at this stage) to process credit card or Eftpos transactions.

Who do I talk to regarding finance?

For the Board – Kay Braid, Finance Officer (04) 576-2335  accounts@raphaelhouse.school.nz

For the Trust and Kindergarten – Lesley Waite, Treasurer (04) 576 2339 lesley.w@raphaelhouse.school.nz