All parents/caregivers enrolling students (over 6 years old) in our school are required under the Preference Clause of our Integration Deed and the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975, (the provisions of which are now incorporated into the Education Act 1989), to have established a connection with the “Special Character” of the school. 

The term “Special Character” describes what is unique about the education that our school provides:

The School is a Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School in which Rudolf Steiner’s Art of Education is practiced. 

Anthroposophy, its concept of the universe, the world and the human being, is the basis of the art of education and of all endeavour in the School.  The education with a Special Character includes festival observances and religious education which is Christian in its broadest sense, free of dogma or sectarianism. 


Fundamental principle

  1. The School’s reason for being is to provide a Special Character education to all of its students.  The Board, the Trust and the Principal all have a responsibility to maintain and preserve the special character, and the government is required not to jeopardise the Special Character. 


Preference of enrolment

Order of Priority

Within a group of students who have preference of enrolment, if there are more applicants than places, priority will be given in this order:

  1. To a student wishing to enrol in Kindergarten

Of the students wishing to enrol in the Kindergarten priority will be given in the following order:

Of the Te Ra students wishing to enrol, once the above criteria have been taken into account, priority will be given in the following order:

NOTE:  should a student be offered a place and decline, the student will re-join the waiting list from the date declined.

Non-preference students

  1. If there are more places available at the School than students with preference of enrolment, applications for enrolment may be accepted from non-preference students:
  2. Up to total maximum of 5% of the School’s maximum roll
  3. Provided that enrolment would not compromise the School’s ability to continue to provide an education with the Special Character to all students.