1. If the student withdraws his / her enrolment before the end of the agreed period of enrolment, the student may be eligible for a refund of school fees.
  2. An application for refund of fees must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees by the parent / guardian of the student.  The reason for leaving the school and the reasons for a refund must be included in the letter.
  3. If the application is made before the start of the student’s agreed date of enrolment, the fees will be refunded less the Enrolment / Administration charge of NZ$345.00 to cover costs incurred by the School.
  4. If the application is made after the student has already begun to attend the School, but before the second half of the agreed enrolment period, fees will be refunded less:
    • An enrolment/administration charge of NZ$345.00
    • Costs to the School already incurred for tuition
    • Costs incurred in employing staff and costs already incurred for the use of facilities and resources
    • The proportion of the levy to the Proprietors the Board is required to pay
    • Any other costs already incurred.
  5. If the application is made after the second half of the agreed period of enrolment, no refunds will be made except in exceptional circumstances, at the sole discretion of the Broad of Trustees. 
  6. No refunds will be made to any student who;-
    • Transfers to another school or educational institution
    • To a student who is expelled or excluded from the school.

Homestay Fees Refund (based on all Homestay fees paid in advance)

  1. It is a condition of enrolment that an International Foreign Fee Paying Student is placed and remains in a suitable Homestay situation, approved by the School.  
  2. If the student moves out of the Homestay before the end of the contract period, a portion of the Homestay fees not already used by the student will be refunded less any actual expenses incurred.  The Homestay Arrangement / Support fee of NZ$410.00 for up to 6 months stay or NZ$710.00 for 6 to 12 months cannot be refunded.
  3. To have the Homestay fees returned, the parent(s) / guardian(s) of the student must write to the Executive Officer giving two weeks’ notice, or pay two weeks’ fee in lieu of notice.
  4. If the Homestay contract is cancelled by the student before moving into the Homestay, fees will be refunded in full less the Homestay Arrangement / Support Fee of NZ$410.00 for up to 6 months stay or NZ$710.00 for 6 to 12 months stay and any actual expenses incurred.