Raphael House is a state funded Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf school. We have about 370 students ranging from age 4 1/2 (in the Kindergarten) to age 18.  Our school offers rich academic, sporting, cultural and outdoor education opportunities. We are situated on a beautiful bush clad hillside overlooking Lower Hutt and only 20 minutes from New Zealand’s popular and vibrant capital city of Wellington. Nature is on our doorstep with wild coasts and mountainous forests as well as our spectacular Wellington Harbour. The city hosts many arts and musical events and is known as the Coolest Little Capital in the World!  To read our latest ERO (Education Review Office) report about Raphael House, please click here.

We offer two options for students wishing to study in New Zealand:

Exchange Students  (for students who attend one of our partner schools in Japan, German and Austria)

Foreign Fee Paying Students  (for students from any country)

Homestay accomodation

The school arranges homestay accommodation for International Students with families in our school community.

Enrolment fees

Please contact us for information on our International Foreign Fee Paying Students costs

Exchange students

Each year a small number of our students wish to undertake an exchange (up to 6 months).

International students must at the time of application be enrolled in and be attending a Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf school in their home country. (Exceptions may be made for students who have attended a Rudolf Steiner School but can no longer do so for a practical reason, for instance because the distance to the nearest Waldorf school is too great).

Raphael House does school to school exchanges only and does not work with agents.

Contact for International Students

All Enquiries                             international@raphaelhouse.school.nz

Programme Coordinator
Irja Haefliger                             irja.h@raphaelhouse.school.nz

School Office (office hours only)
Telephone: +64 (0)4 569-5161

Emergency Phone: 027 314 6548
Fax: +64 (0)4 569-4860

Joao and Nicholas’s Exchange

At the end of class 9 I left to go on my exchange visit to Austria, an experience that changed my life! 

During my three months stay I went to Germany and Hungary.  These trips also played a big role in my adventure as going into a county not speaking Hungarian was very difficult. 

I went to the “Freie Waldorf schule “ in Graz, Austria and part of my schooling was to give speeches about New Zealand  to each class in the school as well as to another Steiner school. Even though it was a little nerve racking, it turned out to be fantastic as I met so many different people, teachers and students alike.

I had the opportunity to not only experience another Steiner School and a different culture altogether but I was also able to pursue one of my passions- skiing! Furthermore I had a good look at Graz and its beautiful surroundings as well as visiting the capital Vienna.

After I returned in the beginning of this year I was told by my exchange (who is in the student and teacher leadership group) after he returned to Graz, that the school is now open to having many more exchanges which is a great relief and I hope that other people can go and have an amazing time just like I did. 

 Nicholas Bauche-Maunsell went to Graz, Austria

New Zealand

New Zealand is a very very very very beautiful country, in many aspects, for example really amazing views and lovely people. What mainly made 

me feel “wow” is that if you drive 10 minutes to the top of a hill you are able to see a priceless view.

Also the fact of being able to do a lot of things like biking, walking to a lot of places or swimming in really beautiful beaches with very clean and transparent water (and cold) makes my time here very special.

Joao Kalaf Lopes from Sao Paolo, Brazil stayed for one year at Raphael House

Skiing in Austria

During my time in Salzburg, Austria I did many things, but my favourite was skiing. We went skiing almost every weekend to a large ski area called Flachau, situated about one hour’s drive South from Salzburg. We usually took a free “snow shuttle” from the city centre. When we got there, we would ski for about 3 hours straight, then we had lunch at one of the few “Alm Huetten”, where they served hot food. After my normal feed off Schnitzel and hot chips we went back skiing for a few hours, till we got tired or we had to catch the bus back to Salzburg at 4pm. During my time there I improved my skiing and German language skills greatly and made good friends.

Nino Pankusz, class 10 went to Salzburg, Austria

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