The Lower School- Classes 1-7

Children at Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School begin the school stage of their journey when they leave Kindergarten and join the Lower School.

They meet their class teacher who may accompany them through the next seven years of their schooling – from age six or seven through to the beginning of adolescence. Sometimes though the class teachers do a loop of the first three or four years and then hand the class on to another teacher wo will do the second loop of three or four years.

During this time, emphasis is given to fostering a real sense of and connection to the beauty of the world and supporting children into become more “at home” in the world.

As with the rest of the curriculum, learning is guided according to the stage of child development. In this way the children maintain their thirst for learning and have learning experiences that really “ring true” to where they are in their development, or that support them through a particular stage. This understanding of child development not only informs the content of learning experiences in the Lower School, but also teaching style, engagement with the students, work on the social health of the class, interactions and expectations between home and school and the classroom environment.

The Upper School- Classes 8-12

At Class 8 students move into the Upper School. Each class is taught by specialist teachers for many subjects. Each class has two kaiarataki who provide the pastoral care for the class and are there for students and parents to turn to as the need arises.  Adolescence is a time when young people must progressively face challenges on their own – the role of the kaiarataki is to provide support for the students as they make this journey.

The Rhythms of School Life

The pattern of the day consists of three main blocks, separated by morning tea and lunch breaks: the ‘main lesson’ in the first two hours, two practice or specialist lessons in the middle of the day and then two more practice or specialist lessons at the end of the day. The daily timetable takes account of the ebb and flow of the children’s energy, and is varied accordingly.

8.45- Upper School Begins

9.00 Lower School Begins

8.45-10.45 Circle/Kaiarataki Time & Main Lesson

1045-11.15 Morning Tea break

11.15-12.45 Spell 1

12.45-1.30 Lunch

1.30-3.00 Spell 2