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The School Fair is a major annual event hosted by the school community of Raphael House.   Its purpose is to celebrate the school’s education and culture with the wider Wellington Community.

Each year students, teachers and parents work together to transform the school environment. Activities, displays, artistic presentations, gift stalls and food offerings provide a venue for community engagement that is a highlight on the school’s annual calendar.

We celebrate the sense of community with carefully crafted Toys and Crafts which parents generously and lovingly prepare and donate to our ever impressive Parent Craft Room.

Kindergarten parents create small gifts, from natural, materials which the young child will receive in the Little Peoples room.  The handwork room is lovingly and thoughtfully prepared with the sensory experiences and impressions of the young child in mind.

Older student, Class 10 (Year 11), create a magical wonderland known as the “Cookie Garden” where children, young and not so young, enter an enchanted place. After a rich and imaginitive experience, each child receives a homemade cookie.

Other parents are busy with tasks like creating Christmas crackers and decorations, researching new and exciting tantalizing recipes for the two cafes. 

The Teaching faculty gathers students work, from Kindergarten to Class 12 (Year 13), which are on display in the Eurythmy Room.  If you have ever wondered what a main lesson book is you are bound to find one, or more, here!

To ensure there is fun for everyone we even create games to play both indoors and out.  Then to add to the atmosphere during the day you will hear the sound of music, singing and dance while enjoying an organic coffee. The School Fair is a great day for all.