What is a Bequest?

A bequest or legacy is simply a gift of money or assets such as property, shares, works of art, insurance policy or other financial investments that you leave in your Will to a beneficiary. A bequest can be given ‘freely’, that is unrestricted, this means the beneficiary can choose to deal with the bequest as they see fit. Alternatively a bequest can be given with conditions attached, which must be honoured.

Why Make a Bequest?

Bequests and specific endowments have for many years provided an important source of income to wonderful educational institutions all over the world.

Why Raphael House?

Bequests will help the Rudolf Steiner School Trust to support and develop Raphael House into an outstanding New Zealand Waldorf school so that it may truly fulfil its mission :

“To help each and every student progress towards becoming a free, responsible and caring individual able to impart purpose and direction in his or her own life and as a citizen able to contribute in manifold as well as unique ways to human society”.

If you believe in the vision of Raphael House then a bequest is a wonderful way to help build a more secure, dependable income for our school and ensure its long term future.

What Kinds of Bequests are there?

A Specific Sum – a certain dollar amount is set aside to the beneficiary.

A Percentage – when sharing the bequest with other people and charitable organisations a percentage is sometimes used to distribute the estate.

The Remainder – is those monies and assets that are left after providing for your family.

How Do I to Make a Bequest?

We would be happy to talk with donors, listen to their wishes and discuss the options available to them and provide additional information. We suggest you then contact your solicitor and any other professional advisor to arrange your Will so that you can best achieve your philanthropic goals.

Who Manages My Bequest?

The Rudolf Steiner School Trust administers all donations made in the form of bequests.


Raphael House Founders Circle benefactors will be acknowledged in the following ways;

We are deeply thankful to the alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty and friends who are considering naming the Rudolf Steiner School Trust as a beneficiary in their Will.

All enquiries are confidential and for further information, please feel free to contact us.