We intend setting up The Raphael House Founders Circle which will become Raphael House’s bequest society. Members of the Founders Circle will be men and women who believe so strongly in the vision of Raphael House that they are determined to make a legacy gift to ensure it continues well after they have passed. The “original founders” who began the school in a single house on High Street, then moved onto a gorse laden hill in Tirohanga, had the vision, commitment and will, to bring the school into being. For these unwavering, inspirational deeds, we shall be eternally grateful.

The Raphael House Founders Circle will be forever growing as new generations of men and women devote themselves and their families to Raphael House and all it stands for. These members will become the guardians and will carry the legacy on from their forerunners.

The Raphael House Founders Circle will represent generous, extra-ordinary people who are willing to donate their financial gifts so as to provide an outstanding Waldorf education for all our children. The greatest gift we can give our children, is the gift of education.

To become a member of the Raphael House Founders Circle, a letter from your solicitor is required to let us know that you have included Raphael House as a beneficiary in your Will.

The Raphael House Founders Circle will also include living benefactors who are also able to make “Living Endowment” gifts to the Rudolf Steiner School Trust.

Honouring Past and Current Founders

The Raphael House Founders Circle will host an annual luncheon for current and prospective members. Each year The Raphael House Founders Circle and their partners will be invited to a luncheon which will include a guest speaker. This will be a wonderful occasion and will give the school an opportunity to acknowledge the generosity of the donors.

All enquiries are confidential and for further information, please contact us.